The Hashemite Family

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The Hashemite Family Tree

The-Hashemite-Family-Tree-2014The Hashemites or the Bani Hashim are the direct descendents of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), through his daughter Fatima and (her husband) his cousin Ali (the fourth, and last, “Rightly-Guided” Caliph of Islam). “Hashim” was the name of the great-grandfather of both the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the Caliph Ali. The Hashemite family ruled, in various forms, over the Hejaz (the Western part of Arabia which includes the Holy cities of Mecca and Medina) from the time of the Caliph Ali in the Seventh Century CE until 1925 CE.

 The Great Arab Revolt

sherif-husseinAfter the “Turkification” of the Ottoman Empire in 1908 and the marginalization and oppression of its non-Turkish subjects, the Hashemites, under the then King of the Hejaz and Grand Sharif of Mecca, Hussein bin Ali, led the Great Arab Revolt of 1916, which liberated all the lands of the Arab East (including the whole Arabian Peninsula and the Arab Levant) from Turkish “overall domination.” The Great Arab Revolt also led to distinct Hashemite Kingdoms for the sons of Sharif Hussein of Mecca in Transjordan, Syria, Iraq and the Hejaz, but the only one to survive to this day is that of Transjordan, which since 1946 has been renamed the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

The Royal House of Jordan

  • King Abdullah IKing Abdullah I(1921-1951)
  • King TalalKing Talal(1951-1952)
  • Kind HusseinKing Hussein(1952-1999)
  • King Abdullah IIKing Abdullah II (1999-Present Day)